Saturday, September 29, 2018

September Social Fund Raiser

The social went very well raising money for the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre. Thank you to everyone that bought raffle tickets and coming along to both socials. We raised a total of $3,019.00.

Friday night was a meet & greet with 60 people attending, lots of requests for the night with lots of golden oldies and many of the new dances requested as well. The time went so quickly and everyone enjoyed the evening. Thanks to all those that travelled long distance, Canberra, North Sydney, Milton, Sydney, Sussex Inlet.

Saturday Afternoon was fantastic with 122 people attending 6 hours of dancing with a set program of 60 dances plus requests in between brackets, needless to say most hobbled out by the end of the evening. Everyone enjoyed a chocolate mud slab cake and 2 huge fruit platters, which didn't take long to disappear.

Shoalhaven Line Dancers thanks you all for coming along to raise money for our local charity and hope to see you all again next year at the same time the weekend after Father's Day.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

September Social

Where has the time gone, we are getting closer to our Annual September social, the theme for Saturday Social is Masquerade.

Unfortunately we had to change the venue for our Social this year as the Country Club is undergoing massive renovations.

Friday night 7th September, Meet & Greet will be held at the St Georges Basin Community Hall starting at 7pm, Doors open at 6.30pm, this is request only, so start working on your favourite dances to do.

Saturday social 8th September, starts at 12.30pm, doors open at 12pm, this is held at Shoalhaven Heads Bowling Club. You will be able to get meals at club, We will have a light supper during the afternoon. Looking forward to seeing those beautiful Masks (or horror masks)

There will be a set program for the afternoon with requests during the brackets, If you need any information regarding the social ring Laurel 0408 184 984

We have quite a few Instructors & Choreographers coming along to take a bracket of dances,

Rosalie Mackay (Sydney), Ros Straw (Sydney), David Hoyn (Dapto), Robert Fletcher(Sydney), Michelle Palmer (Sydney), Stan Walker (Canberra), Julie Hearne (Canberra), Petra Dwyer (Canberra), Jenny Bates (Canberra), Maureen Robinson (Braidwood), Trish Pratt (Shoalhaven), Bev Andriskie (Milton), Helen Reeson (Ulladulla), Jenny Landsberry (Sussex Inlet)

Thanks to you all for taking part in our annual social.

See you all in a month's time.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Feathertop Social

Feathertop Social was at Harrietville Victoria near Falls Creek.  Darren Mitchell and John put on a fantastic Weekend, with Maddison Glover doing the workshop with Darren.

6 dances were taught over 2 days, so we didn't feel quite so overloaded. We had 3 socials, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, These socials were all requests, I didn't know a lot of the dances, but it gives me the opportunity to pick and choose the dances I would like to teach.

We travelled on the train from Moss Vale to Albury, with Tom & Donna Glover, Maddison and the group from Illawarra, what a great way to see parts of NSW, just beautiful country side, this took 5 hours, then a 2 hour bus trip from Albury to Harrietville, the time went really fast, as there is so much to see.

I would like to thank Darren & John for the most professional Weekend of dancing that I have attended, the meals were great, the rooms very comfortable and warm, you did a great job with the organising of the whole weekend, my only gripe was that I didn't get to see snow(one day hopefully) will definitley come back again.

Also a big thanks to the girls that joined me for this weekend. Jenny Landsberry, Sonja Binks, Brenda Scarborough, Rhonda Brightwell, Brenda English, & Robyn Delaney. We all had a wonderful time.

Kate Simpkin 15 Years of Dancing Celebrations

Kate certainly know how to put on a great social. There was 172 people attending the social at Carlingford Community Hall. Lots of dances for all levels. It was great to catch up with a lot of our line dancing friends.

Jenny Landsberry and myself took a bracket of dances with the help of Maddison Glover when we did her dances. Laurelle Barrett and Kerry Howes also joined us at the social and it was wonderful of Laurelle to let Jenny, Kerrie and myself stay overnight at her new home which was only 20 mins drive.

I do have photos from the social when I get them of my phone I will add them to this site.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Homebush Ball

Homebush Ball, our first Big Social for the year, was a huge success raising $18,000 for Ronald McDonald House.

Ten of our group went along to enjoy all our favourite dances and to see some fantastic performances by our youth in our linedance family.

Jenny Landsberry and myself went up on stage in front of 600 people to take a bracket of dances, thankfully everyone knew what they were doing as we made a few mistakes, what can I say we are only human, but it was a lot of fun just the same.

Hopefully we will have more come along next year, not only for the line dancing but to raise money of this very important charity Ronald McDonald House.

Our next social is in May with David Hoyn, this should be a fun night of dancing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and wishing you all an exciting and successful year in 2018.

What a huge year of activities this year, heaps of Line Dance Socials, Holidays, Birthdays, Rock & Roll weekends and drives, and trying to squeeze in time in for all the grandchildren and husband.

In November, we had 3 socials Jenny Landsberry's social of 100 dances, fantastic day with lots of fun dances old & new, easy & hard.

Then a trip to Canberra for the day with Stan Walker raising money for Motor Neurone Disease, sadly Stan's wife Ros lost her battle with this dreadful disease in August this year, lots of money was raised from the social, well done everyone. Great to see so many instructors from different areas of NSW come along and support, Pat Wilcox, Robert Fletcher and all the Canberra Instructors, Milton & Sussex Inlet, Huskisson and Sanctuary Point & Braidwood.

To finish off November, we had our Bomaderry Xmas Social, this was well attended, with lots of fun, it was extremely hot this day, lucky we bought along extra fans. A great time was had by everyone.

December, looking forward to my xmas break, Early December our Rock & Roll Xmas Party, with David Price Band, if you haven't seen them yet, you need to go check out the variety of songs they sing with a five piece band the sound is fantastic. Thank you everyone for attending Tuesday night classes, we certainly ended the year with some great dancing.

Sunday the 10th we joined Josh Talbot for his Sydney Harbour Xmas Cruise. Thanks Josh for this fantastic day out, We caught the 6.30am train to Sydney, bit of an early start being up at 4.30am, but certainly worth the effort for Sydney turned it on for us, we could not have had better weather it was beautiful. We enjoyed a 2 course buffett with prawns, but sadly we were the last table to get our meal and there were no prawns left, oh well maybe next year, I did put in a suggestion that every table have a bucket of prawns, that way no misses out. Looking forward to next years Xmas cruise Josh, we already have the same group coming along, with possibly a few more.

Our last Line dance social for the year was held on a Friday night the 13th, with a 2 course meal and plenty of dancing, thanks to all my line dancers for your friendship and great holidays we have had throughout the year.

Looking forward to next year of dancing & holidays, the calendar is already starting to fill up.

See you all in 2018

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ulladulla Pow Wow Social

Helen Reeson knows how to put on a wonderful social. We all had lots of fun with a great mix of dances, some dances had a split floor so that everyone is up dancing.

The theme for Helen's social was Indian (Pow Wow) and everyone dressed up in their best indian outfits, I worked on my dress over two weeks and when I put in on, it split at the sides, time to diet, I should not have tried to clean the bathroom floor in my outfit.

On that day I double booked myself, I had to look after my 2 year old grand daughter, so I dragged my husband with me, so he could take her to the park while I danced, much to my amazement, she was happy to stay with me and dance and even tried to copy all the ladies doing their pow wow (fingers to the mouth). She did her turns and even stomped her foot with all the ladies, reminds me of Madison Glover when she was 2 years old and danced in competitions with her boots, skirt and hat, so cute.

Hopefully I will have some photos to put up soon.

Thanks Helen for a great afternoon of dancing and fun.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Annual September Social

What a fantastic weekend, thank you for all those that attended to make it a very special & colourful night. The theme this year was Hawaiian and Rob did another outstanding job on the stage props & decorations. I will get more photos of the stage when I download them from my phone.

The money raised from the social will go to a local charity,  the amount will come a bit later when the treasurer has worked it all out.

Thanks to Robert Fletcher and Michelle Palmer that hosted the workshop and taught 5 very nice dances, which I have been told I have to teach. The dances are 
Diamonds & Babies (Rob Holley), Beginner
Chasing Down a Good Time (Dan Albro), intermediate
Everytime She Walks By (Heather Barton), improver
Here Right Here (Daniel Trepat,Jo & John Kinser,Jose Miguel Belloque Vane,Johnathon Sack)(i)
Your Kiss (Robert Fletcher/Michelle Palmer) easy Intermediate

Thanks to all instructors that took a bracket of dances, Annette Gardner, Jenny Landsberry, 
Helen Reeson, Trish Pratt, Yvonne Shardlow, David Hoyn, Ros Straw, Petra Dwyer and 
Jenny Bates (the Birthday girl)

Also to all the helpers of the Shoalhaven Country Line Dancers, what a great job you all did and so quickly, many hands make light work.

A big thanks to Simon Pavitt who did our sound & lighting, just brightens it all up and adds to the atmosphere

Next year the social is on the 7th & 8th September 2018

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sydney Harbour Cruise in May

Thank you Chris Watson for organising such a wonderful cruise on our beautiful harbour, the day was perfect, blue skies, calm waters, great friends and wonderful entertainment.

Chris is hoping to make this an annual event, well worth it. Look forward to next year.

Our entertainment was John Stephan from Australia now living in Los Angeles, he has a voice of an angel just beautiful.

Ty Herndon from America was our other entertainer, such great songs, we have all done dances to his songs. One favourite was "In a Moment" What a voice, deep good country singing a pleasure to watch. We did a couple of dances on the little dance floor, but it was a bit hard with the sway of the boat, but it was good laugh and a great time.

We also had a wonderful camping weekend at Merry Beach on the south coast, with our friends from rock n roll, I know we have a great spot where we are at Jervis Bay but it's so nice to go somewhere else for a change, we had a fire everynight in a contained old washing machine tub, producing heaps of heat to warm our fingers & toes. We did a bit of trekking over the rocks to lookouts that look all the way down the coast, just beautiful.

What a great life we have and not at all expensive.

Look forward to the next camping weekend.

April Fund Raising Social

What a great turnout, thank you for everyone that came to make it a very successful fund raiser.

Congratulations to all those that one the Raffle prizes and the lucky door prizes. I will post more photos soon.

Lots of fun dances, with all requests, I can't believe the amount of requests for the older dances. It just goes to show that they are still very popular.