Dances Taught

Dances for 2018
Homesick Heart
Waves of Love

Beautiful Crazy (i) Travis Taylor
I've Been Waiting for You (ei) Josh Talbot
It's Only Natural (ei) Rev
Titanic (i) Simon Ward (Rev)
Man in the Moon (Rev)
Restless (Rev)

Lost in Love (i) Maddison Glover/Simon Ward
Sweet Hurt (ei) Ria Vos
A Complete Change (ei) Niels Poulsen
Love Letters (Strawberry Wine) (Rev)
Night Song (b) (rev)
Alibis (rev) Rosalie Mackay

The One Your Waiting On (i) Maddison Glover
Doing theWalk (ei) Roy Verdonk & Others
Minnesota West Coast Shuffle (ei) Kathy Poulit (Rev)

Down on Your Uppers (ei) Gary O'Reilly
Get It Right (ei) Maddison Glover
Cha Cha Lengua (i) Revised
Cha Cha Fever 2 (ub) Sandy Kerrigan
85 (i) (Rachael McEnaney
Country Rock & Roll Waltz (rev)

Vanotek Cha (i) Gary O'Reilly
Hey Senorita (imp)
Who Needs Mexico (ei)
I Close My Eyes (imp)
Let Your Love Flow (imp) Revised

Pull You Through (i) Maddison Glover/Jo Thompson
Like A Fine Wine (ei) Jeff Camps/Sebastien Bonnier
Whiskey Bridges (b) Maddison Glover
Thunderbolt (i) Rev
Wait A Minute (i) Rev

To the Moon & Back (i) Gary Reilly/Debbie Rushton
All the King's Horses (i) Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick
Smoke & Mirrors (ei) Darren Mitchell
Sh Boom (b) Pamela Smith
Chilly Cha Cha (b) Totoy Pinoy

Havana Cha (ei) (Ria Vos)
In Dreams (b+) Jane Thorpe
Perfect (i) Lu Olsen

I Remember (Rev) Tracie Lee
Friends For Life (i) (Tracie Lee/Maddy Glover/Simon Ward)
Eyes For You  (ei) (Jo Thompson)
Someone for You (ei) (Luke Watson)

Sweet Caroline (Darren Bailey)
Ride Away (Robbie McGowen Hickie)

Dances for 2017
No Dances, all revision this month

Sweetheart (i) Josh Talbot
Take Me to the River (i) Verdonk/Dahlgren
Bored (ei) Ria Vos

Tango with me Darling (i) Rob Fowler
House (ub) Linda Burgess
Hold on (ub) Vi Hooker
Story (ei) Maddison Glover
Your Kiss (i) Michelle Palmer/Robert Fletcher
September in the Rain (b) Karen Tripp

Caribbean Feeling (ei) Josh Talbot
Diamonds Make Babies (b) Rob Holley
Here Right Here (i) Trepat/Kinser/Belloque Vane
11:59 (b+) (Rachael McEnaney)
1000 Years (b+) (rev) Martin Ritchie

Maybe Tomorrow (i) Poulsen/Jacobson
Feel the Beat (ub) Chris Watson
Lonely Drum (ei) Darren Mitchell
Whistle (While You work it)(i) Jo & John Kinser & others

Belles Belles Belles (ub) Maddison Glover

It's Me (b) John & Jennifer Hughes
Country 2 Step (b) rev Masters in Line
King of the Road (b) Pedro Machado/Jo Thompson
Water of a Duck's Back (ei) Hazel Pace
Missing (ei) 
Champagne Promise (ei) Tina Argyle

Lady in Red (adv) Simon Ward
Capuccina (ei) Sandy Kerrigan
Dig Your Heels (i) Madison Glover
Bicycle Waltz (rev) Peter Heath
Blue Ain't Your Colour (ei) Roy Verdonk

Strip it Down (i) Rachael McEnaney
Don't Be Blue (ei) Lyn Booth
My Little Oops Baby (ub) Judy Ball
Oops Baby (i) Rachael McEnaney

Obsessed (i) Roxanne Moates
Yes Sir That's My Baby (b)
Maltese Cha Cha (b) no sheet (similar to Stroll Along Cha Cha) 1 wall only
Fireball (b) Lana Williams
Wanna Be Me Too (b) Sleeth

A Woman Loves (ei) Tracie Lee
Hold Me Now (i) Josh Talbot, Brett Jenkins, Steve Patterson
Out of Reach (ei) Kathryn Sloan
Forget All Your Yesterdays (ei)Rev

Hello Summer (ei)
Break on Me (i) Josh Talbot
Try Everything Easy (b) Adrian Lebefour

Dances for 2016

All revision

Love Junk (ei) Simon Ward/Chris Watson
Sunshine Waltz (b) Tracie Lee
Making History (i) Simon Ward/Dee Musk
Simple things (ei) Gaye Teather
Under Your Spell (rev)Bracken Ellis
Lonely Girl (b) Maddison Glover
Dancing in White (b) rev

Brand New Day (i) Tina Argyle
Blackpool by the Sea (b+)Gaye Teather
Such a Night (rev) ei
4 Corners (rev) b
Sparkles (rev) b

Frankie Fever (ei) Maddison Glover
Judge Not (ei) Rachael McEnaney

Woman Up (i) Rachael McEnaney)
Mountain of Love (ei) rev
Gypsy Queen (ei) Hazel Pace
A Little Love Trip (ei) Vicki Morris
Lipstick Powder & Paint (b) Stephen & Claire Rutter

Slamming Doors (I) (Rob Fowler)
S.T.One (ei)(Rachael McEnaney)
Beautiful In My Eyes (I)(Rev) Simon Ward
Girls Night Out (I)(Golden Oldie)
Wolves (ei) (Anne Herd)

Do a Little Life (ei) Maddison Glover
Sinatra & Chardonnay (ei)(Alison Biggs/Peter Metelnick)
Dancing Kizomba (i) (David Hoyn & Friends)

Bring Down the House (i) Linda Burgess
Dance With Me (beg) Linda Burgess
Better Than Ever (int) Maddison Glover
Ticket to the Blues (ei) Niels Poulsen
All in My Head (b)
Ooh Wakka (b) John Hughes
Tin Man (b) Sandy Kerrigan

Baby I'm Right (ei) Tim Gauci
Flying High (b+) Rev
Anytime (ei) Rev
Crazy Foot Mambo (ei) Rev
Quiero (ei)

Lay Low (ei) Darren Bailey
Cowboy & Clown (adv) Mark Simpkin/Kate Moore
Half Past Nothin' (i) Rev
Bossa Nova (ei) Rev
Who Did You Call Darlin' (ei) Rev

Gimmie That Title (ei) Tim Gauci
Big Blue Tree (ei) Ria Vos
My Blue Tree (b) Gary O'Reilly

Ruby Lips & Golden Hair (b)(Janine Lawson)
Love Sweet Love (ei) (Anne Herd)
Open Season (i) Stephen Patterson

Dances 2015

Hidalgo Boogie (ei) Ira Weisburd
I See Me (i) Tina Argyle

Travellin' Soldier (i) Simon Ward/Maddison Glover
Wings of a Dove (ei) Gordon Elliott
Locklin's Bar (b+)

Crazy Baby 4 U (i) Rosalie Mackay
If Promises Were Gold (ei) Gordon Elliott
Country 2 Step (b+) Rev
Voulez-vous Danser (ei)

Teenage Dreaming (i) Maddison Glover
Turn the Beat Up (b+) Maddison Glover

Heavenly Cha (i) Dee Musk
The Bomp (ei) Kim Ray
Budapest (ei) Rosalie Mackay
Brand New Key (ei)Jonathon Hardy/Travis Taylor
Tennessee Waltz (rev)

Stories We Could Tell (ei) Tom Glover
Girl Crush (i+) Alison Johnstone/McEnaney
This is Me(missing you) (ub) Yvonne Anderson
Marvin Gaye (i) Josh Talbot
Roaring 20's Boogie (ei) D'Orio/Wallace

Tell the World (ei) Robbie McGowen Hickie
Champagne on Ice (i) Michael Vera Lobos
Ah Si (b) Rita Masur

Blood Sweat & Beer (i) Jennifer Hughes
Teacher's Pet (ub) Anne Herd
Thrilled (b) Jan Wylie
Dear Future Husband (ei) Julia Wetsel

Good Luck Charm (ei) Carl Sullivan
Honey Bee Boogie (ei) Thompson/Trace/Marshall
Pick a Pocket (rev) (ei) Jan Wylie
Zydeco Lady (rev) (i)

Tick Tock Two (i) Rachael McEnaney
Baby Kisses (ei)
Cecilia (ei)
Dutchess Beguine (rev) (ei)

Yeah Yeah (ei)
A Long Way Home (ei) Gordon Elliot
Tick Tock Too (i) Rachael McEnaney

Gin & Tonic (b)
Roma (b) Carl Sullivan
Forever Begins Tonight (i) Tom Glover
Unchained Melody (i) Paul Snooke

Dances 2014
That's Ok (b)
Change of Heart (i) rev

Room 7 (ei) Linda Burgess
Shattered Dreams
Is This the way to Amarillo (ei)
In the Summertime (ei) Linda Burgess
Country Medley (b)
Wrangler Butts (b) rev

Popcorn (ei) Tim Gauci
We Only Live Once (i) Linda Burgess
What if I said Goodbye (ei)

Sway (i) Rev
Little Silver Lining (b) Helen Reeson
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O (ei)

Jump on a Ride (i)
Do You Love Me (ei)
Laughter In The Rain (ei) 

Just Give (i) Linda Burgess
Dance Our Way (ei) rev

Bella's Cha Cha (i)
No Matter What (i)
Chica Boom Boom(b)
Magic Moments (ei)

Down to the Islands (b+)
Blue Finger Jive (ei) Carl Sullivan
Shame & Scandel (I)
Dream Lover (I)

Finders Keepers (i)
Heart of the Ball (ei) Noel Brady
Infatuation (b+) Rev

Mack the Knife (Revised)
Kick Up Your Heels (i) Linda Wolfe
Nobody's Fool (b)
Mountain Girl (b+)

Dances 2013
Honey Pie (b+)

Boogie Shoes (b+) (Tim Gauci)
Heavy Hearts (i) (Maddison Glover)
Flat Nail Joe (b+)
Restless (ei) (rev)
Rocket to the Sun (b+) (Maddison Glover)

Wagon Wheel Rock (i)
The Man I Want 2B (i) (Tim Gauci)
Imelda's Way (b+)

Baby Don't Rush (ei) (Ti Gauci)
Outta Control (adv) (Simon Ward)
Louisianna Hot Sauce (ei) rev
Backroads (ei) rev
Ridin' The Rodeo (b)
Lookabell (b+)

Now or Never (i) (Carl Sullivan)
Everybody Cha Cha (b+) (Kate Simpkin)
And Then I Kissed Her (b+)
I Remember (i) (Rev)

Bang Bang (i)
Gypsy Rose (b+)
Billy's Dream (b+)
Hot Tamales (i)rev
Walk On Air (i)rev

Walk On Air (i) (rev) (MVL)
Cry (i) Waltz (Travis Taylor)
Everybody Loves A Lover (ei)

Rock Paper Scissors (i)
I Saw Linda Yesterday(b+)
Loch Lomond (ei)
One & Only (b+)
I Want It All (ei)
Witchqueen (ei)

Irish Stew (rev)
Hot Dog Boogie (b+)
Rockin' (b+) (rev)
Baby We're Really In Love (b+)

January 2013                                                                      
Beautiful In My Eyes (i)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Dances 2012
January                                          February                             March
I'm No Good (i)                             Lovin' You (b)                 Til Forever (i)
Badda Bang Badda Boom (ei)   Calypso Mexico (i)              That's Nice (i) (old)
Alcohol On It (ei)                         Beethoven Boogie (b)       Galway Girls (ei)
Patient Heart (i)(rev)                     Easy Walking (b)              Paralyzed (i) (old)
                                                         O.T. Cha Cha (i)

April                                             May                                   June
16 Tons (adv)                               Love You Forever (b)       Jagger (b)
A Happy Dance (ei)                  Islands in the Stream (i) rev  Putting on the Ritz (ei)
Woman is Smarter (b)                                                             Gambling Man (i)
                                                                                                Alibis (i)

July                                               August                                September
Proud Mary Burning (ei)              Titanic (i)                            Just Thinking About You (i+)
Chicken Walk Jive (ei)                Everybody Swing (ei)         What Next (b)
Bottle It Up (rev) (b)                    Telepathy (ei)

October                                        November
Half Past Nothin' (ei)                   Celebrate (i)
Unmendable (ei) rev
Blue Finger Lou (b) rev
K Step Boogie (b)
Eight to the Bar (ei) rev

Dances 2011
January                                          February                              March
Here Comes My Baby(ei)(rev)   Spellbound (int)                  Better Than Leaving (i)
Little Red book (b+)                   Hello Dolly (ei)                   Burlesque (i)
Oklahoma Boogie (ei)                Pot of Gold (i) rev               Skinny Genes (b+)
                                                    Fly Like A Bird (ei) rev      Dance The Night Away Cha Cha (i)(rev)
                                                                                                Rollin With the Flow (ei)(rev)

April                                           May                                          June
Slap Jack (b+) (rev)                    The Last Waltz (ei)              Africa (i)
Bump & Grind (ei)(rev)              Darlin (b+)                          Heartache Highway (ei)(rev)
Drop On By (i)                           GI Blues (i)(rev)                  Boys Will Be Boys (b+) 
It's Only Natural (ei)                   Bicycle Waltz (ei)(rev)        Looking Good (b)
                                                    I Walk The Line (ei)(rev)
                                                    Night Song (b+)(rev)

July                                              August                                September
All You Need (b+)                      Blue Night Cha (ei)             Make This Day (i)
Southern Streamline (i) (rev)       Pardon Me (b)                      Baby Bubbles (b+)
Knee Deep (i)                             Man Of My Word (i)            Baby Burlesque (b+)
Anytime (ei) (rev)                       Heartache Highway (ei)(rev) Pot of Gold (i)(rev)

October                                       November                            December
You & Me (ei)                            Good Girl (ei)                      Revision only
Triples (i) (rev)                            Love Letter Waltz (ei)
                                                       Dreamers (i)
                                                       Cha Cha Espana (b)

Dances 2010
Bobbi With An I (I)
Flying High (Rev)
Pot Of Gold (Rev)
Flip Flops (ei)